BTC Billionaire Mircea Popescu Was Found Dead On A Beach In Costa Rica Last Week

Tuur Demeester, an expert crypto investor and writer of Bitcoin Reformation tweeted that renowned Bitcoin proponent Mircea Popescu has died in a tragic incident.

CRHoy, a local media outlet, reported that a male tourist named Mircea Popescu had been found lapsed on Hermosa Beach located in Puntarenas province. The paramedics arrived on the spot but were not able to help him. He was only 43 years old.

The tragic incident happened on the morning of 23rd June. Journalists have reported that he was found flat-lined on Hermosa Beach by Red Cross paramedics. Unfortunately, he had already expired before the paramedics could do their job.

Strangely, the local media is reporting him as Polish. Tuur Demeester said that he himself is not sure whether he was Polish or Romanian because the name is common in that region. It is confirmed that he was found in Costa Rica. Hermosa Beach is a place of tourists attraction, so it can be assumed that he went there as a tourist.

Demeester said that there is a possibility that billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin might get lost or maybe hit the market again if the deceased has left the passwords somewhere.

Famous Bitcoiner and podcast host John Carvalho Entitled Mircea Popescu, father of Bitcoin maximalism.

Diana Coman, web developer, and blogger confirmed the incident in her blog Ossa Sepia.

About Mircea Popescu

Mircea Popescu was a versatile person who showed his expertise as an author, researcher, investor, connoisseur, and entrepreneur. He lived his early days of life in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. Later, he traveled and lived in different parts of the world like the United States, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Mexico.

Mircea launched a blog named Trilema in 2008. He had a keen interest in Bitcoin since the beginning, and he started writing about Bitcoin and other digital currencies in 2012. MPEx, a Bitcoin-friendly trading service, was also established by Mr. Popescu in the same year. Later he was interrogated about MPEx, but he denied any kind of collaboration with watchdogs.

In 2014, Mircea Popescu funded OpenBSD OS. Later on, the leader of OpenBSD, Theo de Raadt, said that their OS would have halted operations if Mircea had not funded it. He was famous among the crypto community because he claimed that he owns one billion Bitcoin.