Bitwest Group Review – Is a Recommended Crypto Broker?

BitwestGroup Broker Rating
  • 92%
    Overall Score - 92%


Bitwest Group is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full review to learn more about BitwestGroup.

Bitwest Group Review

Bitwest Group logoAs someone who is always combing through online trading platforms to find the right one for traders, it really intrigues me when traders start to go for a certain platform. You will notice this trend almost every other month.

Traders suddenly go for a new platform that they think is the best. Through this Bitwest Group review, I venture to tell you about such a platform that I think has gotten quite a bit of attention from traders in recent times.

What is it that this broker has done right? What’s its secret ingredient that has allowed it to impress so many traders? I have these questions and I’m sure you have too. Read this BitwestGroup review and find out the answers.

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Spend a Little for a Great Account

So, the trend in the online industry is that you have to pay a huge amount to get started with trading. When you find a platform that breaks those barriers and makes it easy for you to sign up and begin trading, you just want to go for it.

Yes, you will feel like going for it when you discover the trading accounts being offered by broker. The broker has offered you multiple accounts, but if you look at the start of the list, you will discover basic trading accounts. These accounts are for those who are testing the waters or don’t want to spend too much.

Make a small deposit to begin trading with a basic trading account. The best part is that BitwestGroup broker hasn’t limited your trading options and features too much even if you go with such a basic trading account.

Fast Trading Speeds for You

The trading speeds you will experience on this platform are unmatched by any other platform I have seen and reviewed in the past. I’m not being sarcastic or trying to exaggerate things to impress you. So, if you look at the trading platform, you will notice that your trades can be complete within just a few clicks.

If you are using on your phone, you can trade with just a few taps. In other words, if you have chosen a market and an asset, you can trade it within seconds. All your favorite assets are at your fingertips now and only a few taps away.

The platform is extremely fast that it provides you with real-time prices from the markets. This means you are always looking at fresh data from the market and can trade with confidence.

Trading Tools Even Experts Like

New traders aren’t too aware of the trading tools that they can use. They don’t know how to use those tools and need time to realize their importance. However, you will be glad to know that trading platform has trading tools that even the experts admire and recommend.

These trading tools can help you in a variety of situations. It could be something as basic as knowing the conversion rate of a currency or getting a quick update from the market to something as complex as limiting the loss you can incur on a particular trade.

All of these advanced tools are brought into your reach without charging you any extra money. As soon as you land on the BitwestGroup trading platform, you will be able to use all of these tools with ease.

Bitwest Group trading tools

Plenty of Learning Opportunities

If you don’t mind learning from the best, then this platform is going to be a heaven for you. It has education and training materials available for you in the training materials. Furthermore, it helps you learn through private sessions with expert and established traders.

You can also join VIP rooms for trading insights and more. Furthermore, the Bitwest Group trading platform offers you webinars as a part of your online learning.

For someone who prefers to learn at their own pace, going with eBooks, videos, and visualizations would be the perfect move. You get all of that and some more for learning when you join this platform.

Is Bitwest Group Scam or Trustworthy?

The broker is doing a great job of providing traders something that they missed on other platforms. I think this broker has done things so well that even its competitors have to raise the bar a bit to compete with it. I see no problems with its features and think that traders can trust it without any doubts in their minds.

Final Thoughts

At this point, I’m sure my Bitwest Group review has made it quite clear to you why traders are so impressed with this broker and the features offered on its platform. Traders should be looking for a way to trade where they get things their way. I think this broker has understood that really well. Its trading system is definitely one of the best out there today.