Bitcoin Finally Enters The List Of The World’s Top Ten Assets By Market Value

The last quarter of the year 2020 remained absolutely brilliant for the world’s first-ever decentralized digital currency Bitcoin as it showed a price growth of nearly 170 percent during the fourth quarter. Especially, the month of December was a record-breaking month for the coin as it broke its previous all-time high value of $20k for the first time since 2017. Bitcoin reached at the peak of its bullish run this month, and its price value surged as high as to hit $29k.

Bitcoin has also started well the year 2021 by posting a remarkable price rally which sent the price value of the leading digital currency above $34k to set a new all-time high value.

Where this bullish run boosted the price value of BTC upward, it has also helped the coin to make its place in the list of the top assets in terms of market cap. With its bullish performance, Bitcoin has managed to enter into the list of the top ten assets in the world by market value. Bitcoin has now become the ninth-biggest asset in the world in terms of market cap.

The bullish breakout of $34,000 also sent the market cap of the first-ranked cryptocurrency to the figure of $600 billion. At the time of writing, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is standing at around $617 billion. It has now a greater market cap than the Taiwanese multinational semiconductor contract manufacturing firm Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing ($565 billion), the American multinational conglomerate holding firm Berkshire Hathaway B ($543 billion), and the leading financial services firm Visa ($482 billion), as per the data from Asset Dash.

It has already outshined various major financial firms by market value including the renowned American medical device firm Johnson & Johnson ($414 billion), the famous American retail company Walmart ($407 billion), the leading American investment banking firm JPMorgan Chase & Co ($387 billion), and the financial services firm MasterCard ($352 billion).

Bitcoin is slightly heading towards its ultimate mission that is to overtake the top-ranked asset Apple (AAPL) in terms of market capitalization. Per Asset Dash’s data, Apple’s market cap is standing at around $2.2 trillion. Some analysts believe that Bitcoin has got the potential to outshine Apple in the long run.