Binance Smart Chain Taking a Huge Lead Over Ethereum In Transaction Statistics

According to sources, Binance Smart Chain has seen a huge increase in daily usage in comparison to the rising beast Ethereum. The daily usage statistics for Binance Smart Chain show that the network has seen a mind-blowing usage advantage of over 200% compared to Ethereum. Binance Smart chain seems to be in a relaxing mood, given the steady stream of new and existing addresses that are circulating across, populating the entire network.

For DeFi junkies, Binance Smart Chain has proven to be one of the most fun and reliable networks to use mainly because of its extremely efficient way of dealing and sorting out the large number of transactions that are being taken place every second in time and also less transaction fee. Binance Smart Chain has been in use for many various projects, as there are minimal issues with the network with no annoying hurdles to deal with, which otherwise could cause much frustration and delays.

This huge increase in transaction numbers shows not only the increase in value of Binance Smart Chain, but it also indicates how much popularity that the crypto space has generated, giving hope to new users who are looking to make a bit of profit from their investments and hard work into the scene.

Data from sources have confirmed that as of the time of writing, Binance Smart Chain has set a new record for gaining more than 4 Million daily transactions into the network. Meanwhile, Ethereum only experienced around 1.3 Million transactions, marking an advantageous difference of more than 200% over Ethereum. Binance Smart Chain has proven to be quite a beast, being able to handle an enormous number of transactions on a daily basis. This shows how much pure effort and hard work has been put into the making of BSC, clearly paying off what was put into the development of the network.

Another fascinating statistic has shown that the number of unique addresses engaged in BSC is far less than that of Ethereum, approximately half of what the Ethereum network possesses. All of this may be the cause of Ethereum’s biggest problem, the high gas fee, which is not attractive at all to some users who just want to make something out of their investment without having to waste some of on pointless means.