Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Top 12 Crypto Exchanges Of 2021

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Of 2021

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms that allow traders to trade different types of cryptocurrencies with traders around the world. However, there are numerous options available when it comes to deciding on a cryptocurrency exchange. The traders must use the best and reliable cryptocurrency exchange for a successful trading career.

We have compiled a list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021 to help you with the deed.


Binance has experienced a rapid increase in its popularity since July 2017. The popularity started to increase when Binance finished its ICO on the 21st of July 2017 and raised an amount of 15,000,000 US dollars. Binance has its headquarters in Malta which has favored it in numerous ways. Malta is considered a crypto haven as the exchange rate is extremely fast.

Another important aspect of the crypto exchange is that it caters to both beginners and advanced level traders. Therefore, everybody can take advantage of Binance. The exchange offers its users an inbuilt crypto wallet which is useful for storing cryptocurrencies for a considerable amount of time. There is another option for those who want to earn from their cryptocurrency storage. The wallet allows traders to earn interest in the cryptocurrencies that they have after the traders approve it to do so.

The ICO has helped Binance to grow exponentially. Therefore it stands at the top five position of the best crypto exchanges around the globe. The number of alternative coins that are listed on the platform is now above 200, but the number is exponentially increasing with every passing hour.

Binance is also centralized as an exchange. This unique aspect has allowed it to expand the businesses while allowing traders to earn money by trading full. Furthermore, it is highly appropriate when it comes to liquidity as people all over the world have access to it. Binance has different servers for each country, for example, the users from the USA can use The US server, and the users from China, Singapore, and Malaysia can use their respective services to store their currencies, perform transactions store, etc.


This cryptocurrency exchange has just stepped up as an emerging cryptocurrency exchange around the world. FTX was inaugurated in May of 2019 by FTX trading limited. However, FTX is growing exponentially biggest for a few reasons.

Firstly, the user interface of the cryptocurrency exchange is highly interactive for users, and it keeps the interest alive. The automated interface offers the users a unique offering from the market. FTX has its bases in Antigua that is situated in the Caribbean; however, the main office is mainly based in Hong Kong, China.

Secondly, the main USP of the exchange is that the team that they have has the most relevant and multilayered experience in the sector of cryptocurrency trading buying and selling. The main team members have been hired from leading corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Wall Street. The employees have had exposure through the traditional market, and now they are using their ways to revolutionize the mundanity of the trading market. They have introduced new ways to interact with their users.

Moreover, the employees at FTX have had the opportunity to work in equity derivatives trading; therefore, it has helped them to build their perspective on how the derivatives are particularly designed, and they can determine which kind of derivatives will be in demand in the foreseeable future.

In addition to this, in August 2019 alone, the FTX exchange was successful in raising an amount of 8,000,000 US dollars that was invested in the operations of the exchange to benefit the users and the employees of the exchange.

Despite the exchange being new in the market, it has been successful in offering all the required services that all other exchanges such as Binance are offering that include spot trading futures training, ETF training margin trading, and staking. That is not all, as FTX has incorporated its new services in the market that includes leveraged tokens and equity stocks. They also offered an exclusive prediction market that lets the users know what the stocks are going to look like in the coming weeks, which is a very useful feature for any cryptocurrency exchange to have in 2021.


BitMEX was established by a team of highly skillful economists, successful traders, and web developers for the benefit of the cryptocurrency community around the world. The main thing about this cryptocurrency exchange is that it is built particularly for the advanced level trader; therefore, the number of profits is huge.

Similarly, BitMEX is highly fluid when it comes to the issues of cryptocurrency trading. BitMEX has started with the primary currency trading on Bitcoin; however, the team is looking forward to adding more garden sees in the future.

Moreover, the traders on BitMEX can use and play around with the potential future cryptocurrencies that include old coins such as Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash. Another useful aspect of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange is the registration process is extremely adaptable to the user interface. The cryptocurrency exchange only requires an email address and a deposit to get started.


Bitfinex can be regarded as one of the most popular digital currency exchanges around the world. The cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex was established in 2017, and the headquarters are in Hong Kong, China.

The main thing about Bitfinex is that it gives the option of 13 cryptocurrencies which is a huge sum considering that some of the other leading cryptocurrency exchanges do not offer the same amount of trading options. The trading options that are included in Bitfinex include Bitcoin dash a tedium and Bitcoin cash etc.

Therefore, the options increase the fluidity of trade as traders can access several cryptocurrencies from a single platform, and they do not have to outreach more than one cryptocurrency exchange at the same time. Using a cryptocurrency exchange like Bitfinex saves time and effort as everything that you own can be listed in the same user interface.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that is famous because it serves a huge audience that is in different countries and continents around the world. It is more appropriate for the users and traders that are just starting as it offers a friendly environment and offers processes that are easy and reliable for the newcomers.

When you register, you do not have to wait for a longer period for the registration process. The users can buy and trade the available cryptocurrencies at the same time from any device as there is an application that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the Coinbase exchange is also famous for having tight security procedures. This is the reason why they have been successful and around in the cryptocurrency exchange industry for several years. It does not matter where the traders are situated as the Coinbase exchange is supported by almost all the continents in the world that include Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America South America.


Etoro is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world that is used by millions of users every day. Etoro is famous for holding around $20 million cryptocurrency exchange trading volume on its platform since its inception. The main reason why people trust and use Etoro as their top choice is that it is supported by 140 countries around the globe, and it is considered the safest and secure crypto trading platform around the world.

However, the cryptocurrency exchange in total is not offering several cryptocurrencies, but they have the most popular ones on their platform. The cryptocurrencies on Etoro are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Ethereum classic.

In addition to this, the cryptocurrency exchange Etoro has an extremely user-friendly user interface that is very easy to learn and does not require extreme expertise by the traders; hence it is useful for both beginners and the big guns in the industry.

Etoro is accessible through desktop and mobile applications, which work both on Android and iOS. Furthermore, there is a demo account option in Etoro, which lets you deal with digital currencies and has an amount of $100,000 in it. This shows that the new traders can get comfortable with the trading experience on the platform, and once they are ready to perform the real trading operations, they are given a real account.

Etoro is also famous for its social trading feature, which allows you to join the largest cryptocurrency community around the world, where you can interact with other successful traders and get motivated by their journey. At the same time, you can share your own experiences and thoughts regarding the current market so that everybody can get aware of the circumstances.

However, if you have not developed your style in trading, there is a feature called copy trading in Etoro, which lets the users copy the style of other users’ live so you can replicate their successes as your own. This feature has proved to be successful as it does not require a lot of knowledge and expertise, and one can just simply replicate the successful trends of the day and make a bank.


BlockFi is a cryptocurrency exchange that is particularly useful for cryptocurrency investors. The cryptocurrency exchange allows the users to earn an interest of up to 8.6% on all their holdings. Investors around the world support and use BlockFi as it does not require any fee and reduction of balances.

In addition to this, the BlockFi cryptocurrency exchange allows its users to earn money through the cryptocurrencies that they hold in their wallets which is extremely popular among the traders as it does not let any coin go to waste even if no transactions are being performed or any trading being done traders still earn money by the interesting feature of the cryptocurrency exchange.

This instant interest rate earning feature is exclusive to BlockFi as none other cryptocurrency exchange around the world office it. Every month the cryptocurrency exchange pays its investors for whatever they have earned by the interest rate.

Moreover, the block file is notorious for allowing the traders to borrow money against their coins that help them cater to the losses when the market is down by a large percentage. The loans are granted to the users on the same day that they apply, and there are no registration fees all penalties involved; however, there is an interest rate of 4.6% on the loans that they grant.

Prime XBT

Prime XBT is a cryptocurrency exchange that is famous for its feature of margin trading. The popularity of prime XBD has exponentially increased since its inception in 2018. Since then, it has gathered clients from around 150 different countries that make a huge community. New investors find it useful for community building as they can interact with anyone from 150 countries.

Moreover, XBT has gathered more popularity in 2021 because of extremely low transaction fees for trading activities that are performed on the exchange. The main goal of Prime XBT is to make their users comfortable with daily trading; hence they offered a minimum fee on the transactions.

The main feature that sets Prime XBT apart from its competitors is its feature of margin trading which allows the users to have a wide range of asset classes that include forex, gold, oil, and the main and famous cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum.

Prime XBT is appropriate for traders that want to gain more exposure and diversify their expertise around margin trading well; they can get the advantage of trading in the global market weather commodities like gold oil forex and bitcoins.


KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is appropriate for beginners in 2021 as it offers a very adaptable user interface. The main popular features include the accessible and functional mobile application that works on both Android and iOS. Moreover, if the users want to use the cryptocurrency exchange on the desktop, the web version is also available.

Beginners can get started with their trading by depositing any cryptocurrency that is available in their wallets. The most popular ones include Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Huobi Pro

Huobi Pro was mainly started In China; however, now it serves an international audience that is in different countries around the world. The headquarters of the cryptocurrency exchange is in Singapore, and the services have been successful for many years now.

Huobi is located on the third spot on the coin market gaps list of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Moreover, the traders are provided with a high liquidity interface that defies any challenges that are faced by traders when they are trading with the international market.

In addition to this, the cryptocurrency exchange has been made accessible to a wider audience by the mobile application that works on iPhone and Android. The mobile application feature has been a revolutionary step to introduce mobile trading. The traders do not need to be in a particular location to perform trading as they can do so from anywhere around the world.


Poloniex was founded in 2014 by Tristan D’agosta. Since then, it has grown out of bounds as now it occupies the position of one of the most popular and big cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. The headquarters of the Poloniex is in the United States. They offered around 100 cryptocurrencies to their users for training; therefore, it is highly popular among the traders who like to trade with several cryptocurrencies.

In addition to this, Poloniex had the privilege of occupying the highest level for Ethereum exchange around the world because of its exclusive features that offer an independent Ethereum market with the mundane Bitcoin market.

Change Now

Change Now has completely changed the way various cryptocurrency exchanges worked. It offers a simple but effective platform for traders around the world. Since its inception, Change Now has introduced 200 cryptocurrencies on its platform that hold a certified premium record of providing good products and the cryptocurrency industry. The registration of Change Now does not require many details, and one can register with an email address and start trading.

The most famous feature of Change Now is that when traders register themselves on the platform, they are provided with an instant real-time trading engine. The exchange links that new traders with a market that are extremely busy so that it is most likely that they make a successful trade.

Moreover, another striking feature of Change Now is its no fee policy. All the depositary charges are charged when the users make a successful trade, and they also do not charge any hidden amount, so the transparency between the users and the cryptocurrency exchange is maintained.

The users can start trading by having a credit or debit card under a cryptocurrency wallet where the new coins are deposited by the exchange company.


These are some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges that you can find in the cryptocurrency industry. If you are a trader, keep an eye out for these popular cryptocurrency exchanges to make your trades successful and efficient.