AlgoBit To Launch Its Initial Exchange Offering With Exchange Company ProBit

Blockchain trading platform AlgoBit is about to offer an initial exchange offering for its ‘AGCOIN,’ partnering with ProBit for the distribution. This community-based platform helps build open financial systems, enabling all stakeholders to use the power of the blockchain to earn profits and expand.

As of now, Traders will be able to buy AGCOIN at a price of $1 per AGCOIN with other payment methods also applicable. Users who buy AGCOIN with Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, or USDT will also be able to get a 30% AGCOIN Bonus on every purchase, making AGCOIN a very interesting and affordable investment.

Furthermore, all those who participate in the AGCOIN sale will have to complete the KYC verification, especially international users. The KYC verification process can also be completed using ProBit’s website. Users from the Republic of Korea are required to complete level 2 of the verification process, which can also be done easily using ProBit’s website.

ProBit has been a gem for many platforms, providing many perks and benefits for its users and now partnering with AlgoBit to bring even more to the table. Users who pay with ProBit exchange token PROB will get a 32% AGCOIN bonus on purchase.

ProBit and its Perks

Probit has maintained its position in the top crypto exchange companies, completing more than 200 rounds of IEOs, earning the trust of millions of traders worldwide. ProBit also provides its users with unlimited trading access, which is a huge bonus feature, providing much easier trading whenever they desire.

Users who use PROB can get a trading fee reduction to a low of just 0.03% fee only. Holding on the PROB tokens can generate returns of up to 6% annually while staking PROB can generate PROB with a rate of up to 4% per year. Users can also earn trading fee reductions by referring friends to the exchange. Subscribing to ProBit premium can get users 50% off on the top 200 PROB tokens.

ProBit currently has more than 100k members with nearly 800k active members and 3Million web users. ProBit has built an immersive user interface with support for up to 41 different languages and community support in 8 languages.