ADA Could Eventually Reach $10, According to Charles Hoskinson

Cardano has been the subject of plenty of debate and back-and-forth discourse recently. Cardano itself is essentially a cryptocurrency-based network as well as an open-source project. Its goal is to ultimately establish a platform that is both public and utilizes blockchain technology for the purposes of smart contracts.

As of the time of this writing, the price for ADA currently rests at $1.21 and has seen a relative increase over the past seven days, with the most significant surge taking place last week where it experienced a dip to nearly $1.05 before being able to gradually bounce back. The creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has recently stated that the price could eventually reach $10. However, this is of little importance to him as he would much rather focus on the technical aspects of his project.

‘I do not care if the price is $10 or $0.01′, says Hoskinson

The creator of the world’s currently 5th largest crypto asset has gone on the record to say that he does not care about the price that ADA may be trading at. Even if the price is as low as $0.01 or manages to ultimately go as high as $10 does not mean anything to Hoskinson, as he has stated during a live stream on YouTube that it is not his job to speculate on the asset’s price.

Instead, Hoskinson would much rather focus his attention on developing and constantly improving upon the technical aspects of his project. This makes sense as, after all, this is his life’s work, and if the asset does not perform well despite the fluctuations in price, then it is Hoskinson who would most likely suffer the most.

ADA experiences an increase of over 8,000% in one year

The nature of the cryptocurrency industry is extremely volatile, and so no one can say with absolute certainty what the future will hold for any digital asset. Nevertheless, this has not stopped the growth for ADA, as it saw its price go from $0.018 to its current price of just over $1.20 in one year’s time. Its all-time high price, however, had been recorded this past February when it managed to reach $1.48.

Cardano has certainly also had its fair share of critics and naysayers, most of whom are hesitant to offer support. Nevertheless, interest in the asset continues to grow and will most likely do so for the foreseeable future.