MasterCard Welcomes Six New Startup Companies To Boost Its ‘Start Path’ Program

MasterCard has selected a few startup companies for boosting a program called Start Path.

Fintech Innovators and the Start Path Program

This program is basically made for fintech startups which will help in managing the chosen startups bring out new and unique products and services into the market. The whole program will be backed up by MasterCard. The startups will work on bringing products related to the fields of normal transactions, blockchain-based transactions, and software-as-a-service.

The Start Path program will be a six-month program that will help these startups to grow and help them to advertise and commercialize their unique products and services they have managed to make. With the power and resources provided by MasterCard, there is potential for these companies to reach new heights, bringing exciting and innovative products and services into the market. This program shows MasterCard’s increasing interest in blockchain tech.

MasterCard revealed the identities of the six startups that were selected on the 3rd of May. The six startups include Cledara, Jifti, SpendDebt, Tippy, Moeda Seeds, and Asante Financial Services. Moeda Seeds is the only company that is based on blockchain that offers digital banking, payments, and distributed ledger tech from all of the six selected.

Amy Neale, who is MasterCard’s SVP of fintech startups, said that as fintech innovators proceed to work at great speeds, MasterCard will provide the necessary resources, infrastructure, and precious assets, which will help the startups grow to a great level, giving people more opportunities for work and also giving the public to get a chance to get into the fun of digital economics. Commenting on the selected startups, Amy said that these companies will represent the future of fintech and will hopefully design and construct the necessary solutions according to the needs of customers, and fintech innovators are extremely excited to work with Mastercard in this project.

MasterCard’s previous contributions

According to some reports, MasterCard was one of the companies that helped and contributed resources to ConsenSys, which then made $65Million. As of now, ConsenSys is one of the most popular software companies in the blockchain scene.

MasterCard also helped out the blockchain-based solution called Provenance. This is a solution that gives users more transparency on the situation of the environment, helping them in making better decisions during shopping to help contribute to the betterment of the environment.