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Best Bitcoin Spread Betting Companies

Bitcoin Spread Betting and Bitcoin Futures Trading In the last decade the spread betting market has developed and changed, almost beyond recognition as the market matures and develops, making finding the best spread betting companies an even more difficult task. In the last decade many new entrants have joined the market, expanding the range of…
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Disappearing Acts: Cryptocurrency Exchange Companies Claiming “Bust”

Initially, many people believed that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency would be the ultimate equalizer, and there appeared to be a level of security when, in truth, there was none. At MyChargeBack we see proof of this every day. We’re an international fund recovery service that has retrieved over $10 million for victims of online investment…
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The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies Right Now

2017 is quickly turning into the year of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s value skyrocketed to $3,500 at one point, nearly double the price of an ounce of gold. Just as surprising, new additions to the crypto scene, like Ethereum and Zcash, have also burst onto the spotlight, helping bring the total worth of all cryptocurrencies in…
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