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Trading online to make money has become quite a popular trend in the recent years. Due to their access to the internet, people have become aware of a lot of things that they did not know much about in the past. For example, they are now more interested in investing their money than they are in saving it. At the same time, they know they can make money from the comfort of their homes. Most importantly, they realize that trading in financial markets is one of the best ways to increase their investments and provide them with financial stability.

If you are considering a career in trading, you will need to sign up and open an online trading account with an online broker. One of the best brokers that you can choose for your trading needs is Duxa Capital. It is considered one of the best options for any new traders from any corner of the world. Let’s look at all the reasons and features that make it such an amazing option for new traders.

Duxa Capital – Why It Is New Trader Friendly

It Makes Opening an Account Easy

The first thing you have to consider when you are looking at different online brokers is how easy or difficult it is for you to open an account. Even if you like a broker’s features a lot, you might still end up not signing up with it because of its account opening requirements. With Duxa Capital, things are quite easy for new traders. There are four accounts for them to choose from but the best one for them is the most basic one called “starters”. This account has been designed specifically for new traders. It offers easy and simplified trading while still giving new traders access to the best features that advanced users have access to.

You can start your account with a small deposit and with that small deposit, you will get access to a lot of things. You will get basic training about trading in the financial markets with your starter account. In addition to that, there will be an account manager to help you with any account related issues and questions. Access to trading tools and other features have not been limited for new traders just because they are opening a basic account. The best thing is that you can take advantage of fixed yet tight spreads so you can predict the profits of your trades and take home most of your profits after successful trades.

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It Offers Proper Training

Yes, you are going to need a lot of training before you start trading. You have to keep in mind that it is not just a game but a career that you are going to pick. You will be putting your real money on the line when you trade. You have to make sure that you understand trading to its core and all the trading strategies that can help you down the road. There is detailed training material available with Duxa Capital for new traders. The best thing is that you can choose your course material to be in ebook or video format. However, you will get access to in-depth training only when you have signed up with a paid account.

You will also be given access to the webinars. These webinars are hosted by the most experienced experts from the trading industry. They can guide you on all trade-related matters and help you design your strategies according to your interests. Webinars are perfect for new traders because they can get the answers to their questions in real time during the Q&A section of the webinar.

Its Trading Conditions Are the Best

You are going to enjoy some friendly trading conditions when you sign up with Duxa Capital. First of all, you will be glad to see that there is leverage for every trader who signs up with this broker. Just because you are a new trader does not mean you should not be allowed to do leveraged trading. Yes, the leverage is more for advanced traders but there is a valid reason behind that. Leveraged trading can be risky because it amplifies your losses just like it amplifies your profits. However, you will still be able to enjoy leverages of up to 1:100 when you sign up with a starter account with Duxa Capital.

The one thing that bothers traders about their brokers is the fee that is charged to them whenever they trade. These fees can be in many different formats. It can be a simple and fixed fee for every time you trade. Or it can be a commission that is taken from you in the form of a percentage of the trade you are executing. When you are with Duxa Capital, you only have to consider the spreads before your trades. Even the spreads are so tight that most part of the profit you make goes right into your pocket.

Its Asset Index Is One of the Best

You will not find an asset index like the one you get from Duxa Capital. There is nothing you will miss when you look at this asset index. As a new trader, you want a lot of trading options because you want to explore first. You want to look at the assets that you think are the easiest to trade and will involve you to take the least amount of risk. In order for the broker to offer you that, it has to have lots of assets on its index. With Duxa Capital, you can enjoy trading some valuable energies and precious metals within the commodities section. You can trade major and minor currency pairs in the Forex section.

If you are looking to trade stocks, you will not find a place better than Duxa Capital. In addition to the traditional stocks of the large companies of the world, you are also getting access to the cannabis stocks. These stocks are from a new and emerging market, so you won’t see a lot of online brokers offering them. Cannabis companies are on the rise since cannabis became legal and the laws around it have become more vivid. The best thing is that you will get to trade some of the best cannabis stocks from the market when you are with Duxa Capital. These stocks are surely going to give you huge returns if you are doing the speculations right.

In addition to the cannabis stocks, you have quite a few cryptocurrencies available for trading when you sign up with Duxa Capital. This is yet another new market but it has the potential to beat any other financial market in the world. While the biggest online brokers are still stuck with bitcoin, you can enjoy trading a lot of other digital coins when you are with Duxa Capital. Some of the cryptocurrencies that are able to trade with this broker include bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin gold, monero, etc. These are some great cryptocurrencies that can definitely give you huge returns on your investments with time.

It Makes Banking Easy

Many Duxa Capital customers state in their Duxa Capital reviews that even banking is a breeze when you open your account with Duxa Capital. The first thing is that you can send your money into your account using a bank wire or credit card transaction. If you are not cool with those two options, you can use the internet payment options too. The best thing is that Duxa Capital has also introduced the crypto wallet deposits recently. With this help of this new feature, you will be able to move your digital coins from your cryptocurrency wallet right into your trading account with the broker .This step is much faster and does not require you to lose your money in exchanging it multiple times.

Its Trading Platforms Are Some of the Best

The trading platform that you will be mainly using when you sign up with Duxa Capital is MT4. MT4 stands for MetaTrader 4. This is the most renowned and undisputedly the best trading platform in the trading world today. In addition to the downloadable software for your desktop computer, you also have it in the web trader form. In the web trader form, you just have to open the Duxa Capital website and start trading there. Whether you have a Mac or Windows or some other computer, you will be able to use the WebTrader with ease. Last but not least, you can also download the many trading apps on your smartphone to trade on the go.

Its Customer Service Is Great

No online broker can claim to be the best if it does not have a good customer support. Many online brokers have limited their traders to contacting them with an email. If you need help, all you can do is send an email to the broker. On the other hand, understanding the urgent needs of the traders, Duxa Capital has given you access to a phone number in addition to an email to contact the company. You can call the company to get whatever help you need five days a week. Every working day, you will find the professionals from the company assisting you 24 hours.

Bottom Line

There are many bigger and older brokers on the internet than Duxa Capital. However, this broker has understood the very needs of its traders and thus come up with the right system. From its trading platform to the trading conditions and deposit methods, everything has been designed to make the life of a new trader easy. If you want to explore new financial markets, avoid commissions on your trades, and use the best trading platform, you are recommended to consider Duxa Capital as one of the options.

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