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What entails

Buy Cloud tokens here:, offers a controlled hosting solution for using Azure cloud services and AWS. It offers enhanced efficacy for people and business owners, such as enterprise and SME, by making the procedure easy and lowering the quantity of time and hustle needed to build their cloud servers and sustain them.

The beginning of its cryptocurrency ‘Cloud Token’ provides decentralized cloud services to the conventional and is now letting users financially cater to the cloud services at a highly lowered price.

Who launched this?

Gilad Somjen and Asaf Zamir started Asaf began programming when he was six years of age. Being a young founder below thirty years, he has committed his life to technological innovation as well as systems construction.

He became a winner of grant for innovation (Google) for setting up a huge information aggregation system. In addition, he set up a huge system that offers services to more than 5 million MAUs or Monthly Active Users or media firms in the U.S., managed a development project for B2C the hugest retailer in Switzerland and set up the app infrastructure for the leading news agency in Germany.

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Gilad is a tech investor, online marketing professional and serial entrepreneur. His experience spans more than 12 years in worldwide business development, online marketing and Internet projects.

Currently, how has the firm obtained funding?

Founders financed with an excess of 1.5m EUROs from friends and family.

Presently, how do cloud services operate?

Currently, a small group of firms govern cloud services. These firms accommodate huge sections of the web on huge information centers. By far, AWS is the hugest and presently boasts of 16 committed information centers all through the globe.

These firms for cloud services operate as wholesalers of storage, cloud servers, web applications, traffic capacity and other infrastructure that is connected.

This central model consists of innate weaknesses that the centralized model shall assist to greatly enhance.

What does cloud services decentralization mean?

Cloud services decentralization signifies an interruption of the existing cloud. All over the globe, millions of computers shall offer their outmoded resources like processing power or information storage to make the cloud strong.

This might be inclusive of one’s computer, phone or laptop or even IoT (Internet of Things) linked device like a washing machine. An environment that is more competitive is formed by the decentralized structure, lowering the price of cloud computing and the danger of network failures.

Also, it presents an increased rate of information protection and confidentiality and huger level of computerization.

What is going to befall centralized cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, in this latest cloud scenario

Present cloud suppliers shall remain a section of the cloud. has associations with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. However, instead of providing solutions to the cloud, these suppliers shall be equal to each of the other millions of computing suppliers, such as you and I. thinks this cloud decentralization will possibly raise profits for present cloud suppliers, since it shall raise the response of cloud computing by being on an equal footing with all the other millions of computing providers, including you and me. believes this decentralization of the cloud is actually likely to increase revenues for existing cloud providers, as it will increase the take-up of cloud computing by majority of users.

In what way is transforming cloud services? offers cloud computing to the majority. Until today, the cloud has just been reachable by tech experts. Other inventors in this sector like Golem and Stori have been greatly successful in forming technologies for decentralizing sections of cloud service; however, their solutions are aimed at experts.

For the regular user, creating online cloud storage remains costly, unclear and taxing.

This procedure is simplified by for the user and lowers the general expenses of the service.

For example, if you are the owner of a small business starting a new service or product and desire to improve your website for the additional traffic you expect, with, you shall manage to purchase other internet users’ extra computing capability to make your website powerful.

This is a lot more effective and affordable, compared to creating a web server straight via present cloud suppliers.

This will be carried out by by letting each person run their personal private blockchains, designed to their requirements and promoting them from the integral Ethereum qualities of safety, confidentiality and total decentralized self-management.

Presently, facilitates the access of cloud services to regular users at a reduced price. The inclusion of ‘Cloud’ token that is based on Ethereum shall be in the initial state in’s idea of their personal innovative DAP (Decentralized Application Protocol) by offering a typical currency of each of the cloud services as well as service suppliers. This shall let users gain from cloud services at a huge reduction in price.

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