(Australia) ASIC Licensed Australia Crypto Broker: Is AxiTrader Really the Most Complete Broker for Australian Traders?

(Australia) ASIC Licensed Australia Crypto Broker: Is AxiTrader Really the Most Complete Broker for Australian Traders?

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If you live in Australia and you take interest in starting your trading career, you might not find an option better than AxiTrader. A huge population of the traders believes that AxiTrader is the most complete online broker for any trader from Australia. There is no doubt that it remains one of the most popular brokers from the region. It also offers a great trading platform, but you still have to dig deeper to know exactly why this broker is better than many others out there. Let’s look at the reasons that make AxiTrader the most complete and one of the online brokers for Australians today.

Trade Cryptocurrencies With The Best Australia (ASIC) Regulated Broker: Let’s Start Trading!

Why AxiTrader Is One of the Best Broker for Australians

It Is Regulated by ASIC

One of the first things you should be looking for in a broker is Australian regulation. You belong to Australia and that’s why you need protection in Australia too. If a broker is regulated in a different country, it would not make much difference for you. When it comes to AxiTrader, you should be happy to know that it gets properly regulated by ASIC. Australian Securities and Investments Commission is the most reliable authority in the region that regulates online brokers and many other types of financial institutions. It is there to ensure that brokers are operating within legal grounds and that the investors and traders can trade safely.

If you find a broker with regulation in a different country, you will not have the peace of mind that you can have with a broker with regulation in Australia. The best thing is that this company is not just regulated by Australian authority but it is also owned by Australian traders. The company owners are traders themselves and that’s why they believe they can deliver the best trading experience to other traders.

It Makes Account Opening Easy

A lot of online brokers can complicate the process of opening an account. They try to target all of their target niches and in doing so, they create a bunch of different account types. On the other hand, you have only two different account types to choose from. One account is meant for new traders whereas the other account is meant for professional traders. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any commission on your trades when you sign up with the basic account. The spreads are tight and start from 1.0 only. You can trade a minimum lot size of just 0.01. Things get even better when you look at the minimum deposit requirements. AxiTrader is one of the rarest brokers that have no limit on your initial deposit. You can deposit whatever you think you can afford.

It Lets You Trade Bitcoin

If a broker tells you that you can trade indices, commodities, and currency pairs with it, you will not be impressed too much. That’s because almost all the brokers are now offering these conventional assets on their trading platforms today. What makes things different for a broker is when it offers a new financial market. With AxiTrader, you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies as well. Now, that’s a new market that you will not get access to with every broker out there. The best thing is that you can trade Bitcoin when you sign up with AxiTrader with a basic or a professional account.

Since you will be trading CFDs, you don’t have to worry about owning the digital coins. In CFD trading, you don’t have to own the asset you want to trade.

It Gives You Huge Leverages

You can’t really love CFD trading unless you are getting some good leverage. In fact, it is leveraged trading that makes CFD trading so competitive against other trading methods. You get huge leverages on your trades when you sign up with AxiTrader. Yes, there are other brokers offering some leverages as well but not many are offering leverages that are as huge as the ones you are getting from AxiTrader. Whether you open a professional account or a basic account, you can take advantage of leverages of up to 1:400. You have a bunch of different currencies that you can put in your account so signing up from different countries should not be an issue.

It Gives You the Best Trading Platform

Of course, you cannot become a great trader unless you get the best trading platform. When it comes to the best trading platform, you can’t name any other platform than MetaTrader 4. You can ask traders as well as brokers and they will all agree that MT4 has been the king of all trading platforms for several years. From this account, you can trade CFDs of a variety of different asset types in a variety of different financial markets. On the platform, you will also get access to the most valuable signals that help you pulling off profitable trades.

It Has the Best Customer Support

It one thing to call something one of the best, and it is a completely different thing to call it the best. However, there should be no doubt in your mind that AxiTrader’s customer support is top of the line. First of all, you are able to call the company on a toll free number if you are from Australia. In addition to that, there are is bunch of different numbers dedicated to callers from many other countries. You can also send the company an email if you don’t need instant help. You have live chat feature to talk directly to a company representative on the website. The professionals are there to answer your questions and help you with your concerns 24/5.

Bottom Line

You can look at the features stated above and safely say that AxiTrader has taken its services up a notch to give a strong competition to its competitors. You can look at the features of this broker and agree with their claim that they are traders themselves. With AxiTrader, you have an opportunity to trade the best financial assets from the best financial markets with the best trading conditions on the best trading platform of the world.

Trade Cryptocurrencies With The Best Australia (ASIC) Regulated Broker: Let’s Start Trading!

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